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Analysis of the real estate swiss market

The most recent financial reports on the state of health of swiss real estate market return data and analysis encouraging: in the last year, the dynamism of the sector and the sale of apartments in Zürich indicate a contrasting trend compared to the decrease of the other European countries. At the same time, t...

How to protect yourself from real estate scams

An investment in the swiss real estate sector can be cost-effective under several profiles, but, sometimes, especially if you do not want to rely on qualified and professional people, can be lead itself to a deception. Unfortunately, they are numerous the scams that are well-known by journalists and that they...

How to furnish house with good taste and classy: 10 tips

After have read several swiss real estate listings, did you finally manage to buy your dream house? Congratulation, now you have to prepare yourself at best to furnish with good taste and classy your new home in Switzerland: here are 10 tips to do it in the best way! 1)Start with a pre-defined budget It is not ...

Best chalet in Switzerland for Epiphany 2019

Are you looking for ideas where spend Epiphany 2019 before going back to work or at school? If your answer is yes, stop and read our guide, because we are about to reveal the 5 most beautiful chalets in Switzerland where spend the 6th of January 2019 surrounded by nature or snowy landscapes. And if, after t...

Publish your advertisement

4 simple steps to publish your real estate advertisement and make it visible all over Switzerland. Start now!

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Useful guide to real estate investing

Since ancient times, the concept of homeownership has been one of the basic needs in the lives of individuals and families in general; today as in the past, it is an ideal haven for assets when you want to protect your capital. Market uncertainties and glimpses of the financial storms ...
Pros and cons of a mortgage!
Some useful tips on how to take out a mortgage and its optimum durability and sustainability. The ability to enter into a mortgage on the property you want to buy as a real estate investment remains one of the most common solutions to acquiring the necessary resource...

Moving - Useful tips

When you buy a property with the intent to use it as your primary home, permanently or for a limited period, it is important to look at practical issues that a possible relocation may require. Proper planning is of course essential for everything to be done as efficiently and effectiv...